I’m not sure if anybody is going to see or read this, but after skimming the comment sections on a few of the Final Fantasy 7 remake articles, this is just something I wanted to write about for a minute.

I’m excited for Final Fantasy 7, really excited. This is the game that basically made me a gamer (or whatever word we use to describe people who like to play games now that GG has ruined that word) and the fact that I’ll get to play it again with today’s graphics is more exciting to me than I can describe.

I can also understand why people don’t care or aren’t excited, there’s a multitude of reasons this could be the case: Never played the original, played it and didn’t like it, don’t enjoy RPGs, etc. and that’s more than fine. What I don’t understand are the people who feel the need to comment on the articles telling everybody else how stupid they are for getting excited about the game.


This isn’t a problem unique to the VII remake either, most recently I noticed it in the comments about Shenmue 3, and on the movie side, Jurassic World. It doesn’t take much scanning to find comments like:

Nail on the head. None of these people know exactly what they want beyond something vague they label “FFVII remake.” I’m quite sure they will all be thoroughly disappointed by the end product.

Even if this is true, and I don’t agree that it is, what’s the point of a comment like this? At best it comes off as condescending and at worst it just comes off as someone being angry that other people are excited about something.

I understand why people might not understand why some of us are so insanely excited about this, and I understand why some might think its going to end up as a let down.That being said, could we at least wait until a second trailer, or until we see a second of gameplay, before announcing how terrible this will end up being? Because I, and many others have been waiting for this for a long time, if you’re not excited that’s fine, but could you at least give us a few weeks before trying to ruin that?

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